When you dream big, many will say "don't", "can't", and "shouldn't". 

I hope you will anyway.

Live into your passion.


Your body is the vehicle by which your soul navigates this human experience. Each moment that you spend practicing the art of being whole and present is an opportunity for your soul to stretch beyond perceived limits. Join me for yoga asana, meditation, group work, individual work, trainings, workshops, and more.


This blog is a collection of random, yet sincere, messages from a type A yogi. You'll find my perspective on food, dieting, yoga, unconventional 'anything', and side ways stories about the way I've chosen to raise my children. Be forewarned: my dry sense of humor and my "as-a-matter-of-fact" delivery have been known to cause smiling.

In 2015, a new friend entered my life and said, "we unicorns have to stick together." Hysterical. But the point was that sometimes the work we do as Teachers, Healers and Guides can seem more like magic than skill. But I assure you there is a twisted story that, having lived it, makes complete sense of why and how I've arrived in this moment.


There's something about her voice and her way of being. I trust her. I know that she won't let me fall.” - Pat