THIRTEEN MOONS for the Healer

Somewhere along the way to "advancing", the connection to our inherent medicine was broken. But that didn't mean the medicine, itself, was broken. —Erica


I am a rootless Medicine Woman. My ancestral lineage is indigenous peoples of North America — Nansemond and Choctaw — as well as Irish and African peoples. Some might say "the Medicine is in my blood." I was born with proclivities toward Animism, Energy work, and Earth based medicines. But, as most children of this modern era, my upbringing afforded no exposure to the medicine people of my ancestral lineage to teach me the ways of our people. And so this is my definition of 'rootless' be without one clear source.

Lacking familial teachers, I followed my soul song to my Medicines and teachers from around the globe — yoga, reiki, herbalism — until finally, one summer, the path cleared and led me to my first two teachers who would guide my studies in the ways of shamanism.

One of my teachers, Barbara Prince, is a pipe carrier for the Lakota. She taught me I hadn't lost anything and I wasn't incomplete. There were, however, some parts of myself I'd simply forgotten. My other teacher, Nikiah Seeds, spoke to my Irish heritage. It was through her school, The Red Moon Mystery School, that I learned to weave my parts together. From them I have learned my role as a Medicine Woman is to hold the space between. The result of this work is here in the Thirteen Moons.

My offering to you is one of my soul and guided by my Helping Spirits anchored by my ancestral studies and acceptance of shamanic practices and gifts from my teachers, both indigenous and ‘rootless’ alike, from around the globe.

Let me be clear. This is not another training course — you’ve already done those. This is a bespoke healing and collaborative mentoring path that empowers you to undertake an incredible journey to resolve lifetimes of fear based choices and reconnect to the full magnitude of your healing, creative and intuitive gifts.

The Way of the Healer through 13 Moons walks you through thirteen lessons to support deep personal inquiry, discovery, acceptance, healing and awakening. With inspiration and fuel from medicine people around the world, you'll pull your parts together and take root. Each lesson invites you to reconcile the power of specific archetypes to ground, center, and balance your Sacred Self. You might choose this journey to help provide structure to the work you do as a healer and wellness support guide for others. But, first and foremost, this Journey is about you and your own healing. It's about putting your pieces together. Are you ready to pick up your Medicine?

What is The Way of the Healer?

Way of the Healer is a once-monthly online apprenticeship for women who are ready to do the work to reclaim lost aspects of themselves; women who are ready to better understand the whys and hows of their healing work; and for women who recognize the journey begins with Self. 

Each month is an invitation to pick up your Medicine to embrace every aspect of your Divine self. I am a Medicine Woman and an Animist — this journey work is rooted in shamanic earth based healing practices. You do not need previous experience to partake in this journey.

You will learn what it means to walk a shamanic journey and how to do it.

You will learn to access the sacred grove for healing.

You will explore medicinal herbs to support your day to day.

You will learn about and heal twelve archetypes that create your Divine Feminine.

You will gather sacred stones & create your medicine bundle.


What Journey Women are Saying

A catalyst for stepping into my Life!

"Since joining the Way of the Yogi Journey and becoming certified in Reiki, as well as meditating, journaling and practicing Yoga, I wake up every day with new ideas, and for the most part turn my thoughts into things." - Carol

Deceptively simple! Transformative!

"The way the journey unfolds is remarkable! It's a subtle journey where things just creep up on you and then making the choice to change unhealthy ways of being seems like the natural thing to do. Instead of that feeling that says 'how can I do this' or 'how can I fit this in'? You simply do”. - Danielle

Benefits of the Journey:

  • a directed and purposeful way to explore the edges of your Divine Feminine

  • self paced and flexible framework; learn online and via online video chats to suit your schedule

  • organize your personal healing practices to fuel growth

  • one-on-one attention for your journey

  • make your own Healer's Drum (optional)

  • reconnect to the seasons and their effect on your Being

  • learn to journey

  • gather your own medicine

  • make your own Medicine bundle

  • develop a connection within a community of like-minded women

  • receive a certificate of completion and

  • be initiated as a Healer of the Sacred Circle of Thirteen Moons (optional)

Where and When is it?

This program is held online in our private virtual classroom. There are no extensive reading lists nor any assignments  to "hand in".

Lessons go live during the first week of each month. You have the entire month to retrieve the monthly lesson and delve into your journey work once the lesson is posted. It is recommended that you set aside a “regular class time” of 30 to 60 minutes to access and digest the next level of your journey at the start of each month. Some journeys will require more time than others...that is the nature of journey work...all in good time. During our workshops, we create an item of power for yourself; this might include making an alter, a dream catcher, an instrument, a wand, preparing your own natural body products.

Plus Workshops (for those who select this option):

  • Autumn Equinox Red Tent

  • Winter Solstice Red Tent

  • Spring Equinox Red Tent

  • Make your own Healer's Drum (covers 14" drum, larger will be an add'l fee)

The foundation for this work is based on the year and a day (13 month) initiation. Your entry into the Journey will begin with a Journey Prep.

During Journey Prep, we will go over how to best use this sacred time and the available resources for the most transformative year possible. The work done during Journey Prep is vital to the foundation of your journey over the next twelve moon cycles.

Next Journey Prep Date: Sunday September 22nd

Enrollment and Tuition

There are two options for participation. You can select ‘Online Only’ or if you would like to attend the in-person workshops select ‘Online with Workshops’. So you’re monthly investment will be either $70/month or $85/month.

  • Online Only: The exchange is $70 a month for thirteen months.

  • Online with Workshops: The exchange is $85 a month for thirteen months.

There is a nonrefundable $125 application and materials fee required to reserve your space. Should you choose to pay your tuition in a full lump sum you will save $125.00.

If your application and materials fee is received by June 15th you will receive a sacred gift in the mail as a Thank you for stepping into this Journey of Acceptance early and with conviction. Registration for this annual cycle of 13 Moons closes on September 10th.

A Note from Erica:

It is important to understand that my role is to hold space as you move through your own healing and transformation processes. If you choose to share your insights, discoveries, roadblocks, and successes with me, I will always keep our discussions in the strictest of confidence. I am not a therapist and can not and will not stand in the stead of a good therapist or psychologist. I am not a physician and can not and will not stand in the stead of a good physician. I am a yogi, reiki master teacher, and a guide in the Way of finding your Truth. I can and will offer my advice, points of clarity, perspective and support in my role as a Way Finder.

Each women-identified student who joins the Year of the Healer is treated with respect, met exactly where they are in their lives, without judgment, without shame, and without fear.

One love.


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