To Make Your Herbal Blend

STEP 1: Gather your herbs, place equal parts of each herb into a gallon sized bag or in a large container with a lid. I generally use 1 cup of each.

STEP 2: Mix all 5 herbs together in this bag or container. This is your 5 ingredient blend.

STEP 3: You will use 1 - 2 tbl of your blend to make a single dose of 32oz of tonic each day.

I prepare my tonic in a 32 oz Mason jar right before going to bed and allow it to steep overnight. I use these loose leaf tea bags. They are large enough to allow the herbs to expand and for the water to flow through to bloom the tea to it’s max. I put 1 - 2 Tbls of herbs into a bag, but in a pinch I simply add the herbs directly to the jar and strain out the herbs in the morning. Steeping overnight makes for a good strong blend. The whole goal of making this infusion is to drink as a tonic for your health.

1) If you don’t have loose tea bags, put about an inch (and even a bit more) of the herbal tea in the bottom of a quart size Mason Jar.

2) Pour just boiled water over the top to within about an 1” - 1.5” from the top of the jar.  

3) Put the lid on loosely (this will keep the volatile oils and beneficial plant constituents inside your tea instead of allowing them to escape with the steam)

4) Allow to steep for at least 30 minutes....or flow like an herbalist and just leave for several hours. It will cool down, of course. But this makes for a perfect way to start your day. 

5) Remove the bag of herbs or strain out the herbs

6) I don’t sweeten mine, however some folks enjoy a drizzle of agave or honey in theirs. Be mindful to keep the sweetener to a minimum as this is Earth Medicine…try not to mask it’s beauty.

Herbs are full of nutrients and minerals to support your body! And the nice thing about this method is you know you are getting enough of your tonic tea each day by completing your jar before dinner time.