Sacred Repair w/Erica Nunnally

Sacred Repair w/Erica Nunnally


mending the sacred within

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Sacred Repair: Mending the Sacred Within • November 9th (in Hingham, MA)

As humans we house within us a number of archetypes: Maiden, Warrior, Victim, Teacher, Child, etc. Archetypes are not necessarily gender, age, or even vocation specific, but rather unique characteristics or aspects of your whole self. For example, I am frequently working with my Warrior, Maiden, and Crone to keep my Shadow Sister in a healthy space. My point is you don’t need to be a healer, a teacher, a mother, an amazon, or a prostitute to have these archetypes within your healthy make up.

Sacred Repair provides a safe container for you to work with your archetypes to bring balance and healing to your whole self. Sacred Repair invites you to step into your archetypal role of Healer and begin to repair wounds within your archetypal make up whether the wounding stems from your personal landscape or the world landscape. Personal wounds and imbalances might show up in your dialogue:

“I don’t know who I am now?”

“I’m not sure I’m capable…”

“When I finish…, I’ll finally get to…”

“I’m so busy. I can’t even…”

“My family/my children/my partner/my job/my friends expect…”

“I’m struggling. But I don’t want to burden…”

You are many things to many people — and that’s just “at home”. On the world landscape, stories that demand your attention/action/compassion/support begin unfolding before they’ve even met their conclusion. In this way, like it our not, you become part of every hurt that unfolds — each incident leaving an indelible mark on your being. It would seem…together we are wounded, but together we can heal.

Sacred Repair is a purposeful act of defiance to mend the sacred within. Sacred Repair is the necessary and potent reminder that you are deserving of the time it takes to process and heal and most importantly, you are held and you are not alone.

The Format

This self-healing work is held in sacred ceremony and touches on the five elements — earth, fire, water, air, and space/ether. As such we will begin with a call to honor the Four Directions. Upon creating our sacred space, we will move through the following elements:

  • Storytelling led by Erica to frame our work (Earth)

  • Asana practice for awakening (Fire)

  • Reiki circle for soothing (Water)

  • Medicine drum sound healing to invigorate and expand (Air)

  • Meditation, journalling and tonic/cacao* ceremony for divine connection (Space/Ether)

*The ingestibles we share have NO hallucinatory effects, these are healing offerings and all ingredients will be revealed. We provide either a specially blended herbal tonic or cacao depending on what’s available and what feels energetically most potent at the time of our healing. All of our offerings are sustainably sourced, often hand-picked, and always the purest gift from Mother Earth we can gather. Keep in mind, gifts from Mother Earth shift with the seasons, so each Sacred Repair blend is wild crafted and will be unique. We will make every effort to share via social media and emails to those pre-registered what our blend will be when we craft it.

Location, Date and Times

Sacred Repair is ceremony, there is no “hard stop” on ceremony, the aim is 3.5 hours. But, please set aside up to 4 hours for this session, so your departure does not disrupt the circle.

Saturday November 9th @ Open Doors Power Yoga Studio • Hingham, MA

For more details and to reserve your space, visit


Wear comfortable clothing. Bring a mat, a water bottle, a journal, and a sweater/wrap to stay comfortable during our meditation and reflection segment. If you own a drum or a rattle, please bring it. Also, if you are inclined, bring one item to add to the altar. This item will be returned to you.

*workshops are non-refundable. however they are transferrable. please gift your space to a friend in the event you are unable to attend.*