Reiki - Third Degree

Reiki - Third Degree


Master Teacher Initiation

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Energy is everywhere and you connect on a profound level to that shared vibration around us. To live with, and within, that Universal Force is to be a Reiki Master Teacher. This training is a deeply personal journey to connect to the Healer within you; to understand your role in this lifetime as a Healer.

This is open to Reiki practitioners who have completed Reiki level I AND Reiki level II. If you have completed I and II with a different Reiki Master Teacher, please contact me prior to registering to chat about your journey in Reiki to date and make sure I am the right fit for your journey.

The framework for this journey takes place in three distinct phases. You may opt to complete your training at the Reiki Master level (phase I only) or you may choose to continue through to become a Reiki Master Teacher (phase II/III).

Reiki Master (phase I)

Your Master attunement will take place in a sacred location of your choosing (local). Once attuned, you will learn the Reiki Master Symbol, it's meaning, power, and uses. Then we will proceed, and you'll learn to Self Attune. Upon completion, you will receive your Reiki Master certificate along with useful materials for your journey ahead. This happens all in one day and for many marks the beginning of their Master Teacher journey and for some this is the final step of their Reiki training. Exchange - $200.

Reiki Master Teacher (phase II)

You will receive a series of lessons electronically. These are designed to help you refine who you are as a Healer as well as offer guidance as you develop your own Reiki I training. In phase II, you will design and lead your first Reiki level one training. After you have led at least one Reiki I course of your own design, we will meet again, we can discuss what worked and what could have been better. Then you will learn to perform the Reiki II Attunement ceremony. Exchange - $400.

Reiki Master Teacher (phase III or Master of Masters)

After you have successfully led a Reiki II training session, we will meet for our third and final session of this journey. You will learn the Reiki Master Teacher ceremony so that you might carry your students all the way through the highest levels of Reiki. Upon completion, you will receive your Reiki Master Teacher certification and be welcomed into the lineage of Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master Teachers. Exchange - $600

The Reiki Master journey is completed individually. The start date is determined by you. The pace of your journey is determined by you. When you’re ready, I will be ready for you.

It would be my honor to be your Guide for this journey. - Erica