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MACHUPICCHU • PERU • 08/4/19 - 08/12/19

Pachamama | mountain | water | rainbow | sky | healing


Our journey into the Andean healing realms, to explore sacred Incan temples, and sit in ceremony with Qero and Shipibo Shamans is truly a once in a lifetime excursion. You will enjoy personalized guided tours to rarely seen Incan temples as well as some well-known sites like Machupicchu, twice daily (optional) yoga asana practices back at our cozy boutique hotel, and peruvian nourishment. Invigorate your Spirit by connecting to Panchmama (Mother Earth). 

I've created two possible itineraries: Spiritual and Healing. You would select one or the other and the two will meet again toward the end of our trip. The Spiritual itinerary focuses on clearing energy, balancing the body, removing sluggishness through treks to 5 sacred sites to experience 5 ceremonies to cultivate harmony. The Healing itinerary is for physical and/or emotional healing. This is a serious and personal undertaking. Consider this itinerary as you would consider going to see a doctor for a could be physical (chronic pain), emotional (suffering from loss), or psychological (depression).

Spiritual Quest - Pachamama is mother earth. Pachamama Tinkuy the meeting with the mother earth, we will explore the Andes and will be connected with her and find ourselves connected with the cosmos. We will let our spirit fly along with the Apus or Spirit of the mountains for protection on this spiritual path. We will renew our energy and practice living into the happiness within ourselves. Come explore, feel and awaken.

Healing Quest - The name Ayahuasca refers to a beverage that is a perfect combination of two Plants Ayahuasca (Banisteriopsis caapi ) a vine and the Chakruna (Psychotria Viridis), the Ayahuasca itself carries DMT. During a ritual the Shaman uses this plant-based beverage blend to open doors to other dimensions for deep multi-level healing — physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. This would be an intense personal experience of your choosing. There is an additional release form for this Healing Quest because choosing to ingest a medicine is 100% your choice and responsibility. We can not be responsible for any allergic reactions or death resulting from your choice to partake in this healing ritual even under the safe-guarding of your Shaman. It is very important one feels a strong call to work with this medicine.


What’s Included

  • Accommodations each night of our retreat

    • spiritual quest - accommodations in Cusco, Ollantaytambo-Aguas calientes (Machupicchu visit), and again in Cusco to depart for home

    • healing quest - accommodations in Cusco, Sacred Valley retreat center for your healing, Ollantaytambo-Aguas calientes (visit to Machupicchu), and again in Cusco for return home

  • Transfer to & from Airport and our property in Cusco

  • All ground transportation between accommodations and sites

  • Breakfast each morning (non-alcoholic beverages)

  • Yoga asana practice when appropriate (typically one in the morning and one at the end of our day)

  • All entrance fees to sacred sites based on your itinerary

  • Optional Journaling prompts to support each healing ceremony

  • Personalized attention and time with Shaman

  • English tour guide for translations and support

  • All government taxes & fees

What's Not Included

  • Airfare to Cuzco, Peru, Velazco Astete (airport code is CUZ)

  • Lunch and Dinner and any beverages with those meals

  • Option to extend your stay on either end

  • Incidentals

  • Additional healing sessions

  • Excursions to nearby villages & markets

  • Wifi (a digital detox is highly suggested)

  • Gratuities to our Tour Guide and Accommodations Staff (plan for $2-$3 per service person, per day)

Spiritual Itinerary

  • Day 1 “The Awakening Trail”, Introduction to Andean Cosmovision and Cleansing practices

  • Day 2 Visit Maras & Moray and The Salt Mines, Moon Temple to "Honoring the Feminine Energy" through Chumpi Cleansing

  • Day 3 Visit Ollantayotambo, the "Temple of the Condor" for Condor Feather Cleansing then train to Machupicchu

  • Day 4 Visit Machupicchu, The Crystal Temple and the Sun Temple and Return to Cusco (Meet up with any Healing Quest participants on Day 4 for our time in Machupicchu and the remainder of our time in Peru)

  • Day 5 Visit Tipon, Meditation in the "Water Temple" through Rainbow Ceremony


Healing Itinerary

  • Day 1 Depart Cuzco to the retreat center for your Healing, meet your Shaman, 1st Ayahuasca ceremony

  • Day 2 Trip to Pisaq, optional visit to sacred site in Pisaq (add'l 70 soles/approx $25USD), 2nd of your Ayahusaca ceremonies

  • Day 3 Meet the Andean Shaman, experience 4 Energy ceremonies to conclude your Healing session, depart for Machupicchu

  • Day 4 Visit Machupicchu, The Crystal Temple and the Sun Temple and Return to Cusco (Meet up with Spiritual Quest participants on Day 4 for our time in Machupicchu and the remainder of our time in Peru)

  • Day 5 Visit Tipon, Meditation in the "Water Temple" through Rainbow Ceremony



Are you passport ready? If not, apply for one now 

If you already have a passport, verify you have at least 6 months remaining at the time of travel to Peru.


DEPOSIT $300 • LIMITED TO 8 GUESTS • Spiritual Quest - $1620 • Healing Quest - $1490

Room availability

Our rooming is based on double occupancy. Our accommodations are moderate to upscale properties with Peruvian warmth and comfort. Private bedrooms for double occupancy and private bathrooms. Simple, clean, and comfortable.

*Does not include airfare. Flights range from $550 - $925 and beyond. I will keep you posted when great deals pop up.

Payment Plans are available, you will receive an invoice that you may make payments toward. Here is a suggested plan:

$300 Deposit to secure space (non-refundable)

$350 payment by Jan 15, 2019

$350 payment by Mar 15, 2019 (amounts paid to date, non-refundable)

$350 payment by May 15, 2019

Paid in full by Jun 1, 2019

This is a healing immersion, much of your day will be spent in sacred ceremony or walking in sacred spaces to meditate within that space. Your evenings will be free to process and enjoy each others company. Number of students is extremely limited because the Shamans only allow 4 students to participate in ceremony at a time. I have requested two Shamans to care for us during our visit. So place your deposit today to reserve your space!