Drum Making Ceremony

Drum Making Ceremony


Medicine Drum Making • 2019 offerings

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IGNITING INDIGO, drum making ceremony • Summer

August 17 - 18 • Providence, RI • location sent upon reservation

Deposit only option available. All final payments must be received by July 15th.

Drums have a rich history of use during sound/vibration healing, dance medicine, shamanic journey work, rites of passage, and for ceremonial use of all kinds. Throughout history women have held sacred roles in medicine making, soul tending, the mysteries of fertility in land and body. Becoming a drum maker has anchored me in Mother Earth and in my role as Medicine Woman. It is with profound joy I share this practice with you — a truly unique drum making experience of igniting the Indigo drum.



How I came to know the Drum • I am blessed to be a Red Drum Leader. To carry a red drum is to reconnect with the Divine Feminine, the womb, the moon and our sacred rhythm as women. Creating a Red Drum connects us to our primal nature and welcomes us into a sisterhood beyond boundaries.

The history of the Red Drum Carriers begins with my teacher, Nikiah Seeds, who first initiated me into sacred drum making. When creating her own first drum during her shamanic medicine reclamation and training, Nikiah journeyed for information and saw everything cloaked in red. Nikiah birthed a community of red drum carriers and has established a group of Red Drum Leaders to bring this medicine way into the world.

Igniting the Indigo Drum

Indigo, the color of the night sky and deep water, the source of deep alchemical magic and revered across most of the world! Ancient history shows it’s uses ranged from dying fabric to warding off evil spirits. It was used for tattooing in Japan, for burial shrouds in Egypt, as currency for trade from Africa to Central America and on and on.


On my own journey, I have been deeply drawn to the power of Indigo. The secrets of this alchemical process were guarded fiercely by those who would eventually pass them down through ritual and ceremony — I am grateful to my teachers for their gifts. All of my shamanic work is grounded in rich blue hues — indigo connects me to my ancestral medicine people from around the globe. In that same spirit of connection, our Creation Time will center around weaving power-filled themes of women working together, vigil-keeping for each other, reclamation of personal and collective pathways, and gathering together as a tangible act of resistance and empowerment through the creation of sacred objects.

The exchange of $285 covers the making of one drum and one mallet. All supplies to dye and make your sacred instrument will be provided. Potluck luncheon will be shared. We will spend no less than 5+ hours together on our Creation Day(s). Upon reserving your day, you will receive instructions on what to bring and how to prepare for our time together.

Drum Creation Journey Details

  • A minimum of 6 participants are needed for this gathering

  • Our time together will be held in sacred ceremony as we make our drums

  • Learn about the spiritual aspects of the animal and trees that gifted us use of hide and hoop

  • Envelop yourself in the lore of the ancient traditions and uses of drumming

  • Explore drum uses, care, and any future decoration tips

  • Awaken to the divine relationship between women and drumming and personal power.

The birth of a drum is a beautiful and sacred process. We will move with care to insure the 'waking of your drum' is sound and vibrant. As you wake your drum, connect to the Divine Feminine within and around you, beat out sluggishness, doubt, and fear; tap into confidence, resilience, and wisdom.

Alternative Reservation Option

You are welcome to reserve your space with a deposit of $100. Deposits are non-refundable. Please make note of the due dates (listed above) for your preferred reservation. Click here to reserve with deposit only. This will open Paypal, please make a Note in Paypal that “Deposit toward the [Spring/Summer] sacred drum making experience”.