Erica Nunnally

Group Work

Yoga Classes, Workshops, and Trainings





Private Work

Private Yoga and Private Reiki and Personal Journey work


Private Yoga

Private Yoga is a wonderful opportunity to explore your practice more deeply. Erica is attentive, compassionate, and excels at meeting you where you are on your wellness journey while maintaining a keen eye on your goals. Schedule a session.

Reiki Session

Reiki sessions with Erica are truly unique. As a Healer, she is known to be nurturing and insightful. Erica is highly sought after for the 'energetic snapshots' that she offers at the close of her treatments. Schedule my session.

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Personal Journey Work

This work is designed specifically for women. Journey through 'thirteen moons' within the Year of the Yogi and explore the deeper practices and applications of yoga, reiki, and other mindful techniques to elevate your overall wellness. Learn More.

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