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A Note about our Journey - Why We Follow the Moon

Herstorically, it was common to track the changing seasons by following the lunar month. For millennia, people across Europe and the Americas named the months after features they associated with the Northern Hemisphere seasons and many of these names are very similar or identical. It has been said that Colonial Americans adopted many of the Native American names and incorporated them into a version of our modern Lunar calendar. However, it seems more likely that it is a combination of Native American, Anglo-Saxon, and Germanic month names that gave birth to what we most commonly use for the Full Moon names today. The Lunar calendar follows a 29 day cycle, much like our menstrual cycle. 

In this Journey, we use the Full Moons, not only to frame your lessons and mark our time together; but we use them to get us out the trappings of our “everyday thinking” and into a space of sacred time and place. A space that is more firmly rooted in the inherent balance of Mother Earth. We are daughters of the Earth. And like her, many influences can cause imbalance. We use the Full Moons to honor the significance of the work you are doing. We use the lessons to remind you of the divine feminine power that defines, drives, and supports how you’re being each month. These Moon Lessons provide tools to help you reclaim your balance, your grounding, and your center as the world continues to shift. Pay attention to the patterns of how you feel and how you are being in the face of your day-to-day within each moon cycle. The moon cycle provides a constant beneath the arch of transformation.

Why the Archetypes

We are multifaceted beings. You may be a daughter, a sister, a mother, a friend, a life partner, a teacher, a healer, a caretaker, a confidant, and so much more to so many others. But you are not restricted by the identifiers that help you navigate our day to day. To maintain a sense of balance under the weight of all the hats you wear, it's helpful to connect to a steady source of inspiration. The warriors, deities, and goddesses in this journey stand as reflections of the divine feminine that already exists within you. As you learn about these Guides, draw on their offerings for guidance and reassurance.

Our Tools

The four pillars of wellness are Body, Mind, Spirit, and Nature. If any one of these "legs" is off, you feel it and it can manifest as discomfort, dis-ease, dissatisfaction, and even depression. For over two and a half decades I practiced solely to balance my Mind, Body, and Spirit. Despite my sincere efforts, I continued to fall way, way out of balance. Not just that little wobble that is part of living this human experience...but way off. A three legged stool is an incredible creation, it can find it's balance on the most uneven surfaces. The problem is you can get a stool to not wobble, but it doesn't mean the stool itself is actually well balanced. One leg could be shorter than the others and that stool would still "hold up". That was my life...I was "holding up". I was turning myself around to reduce the wobble. I wasn't actually retooling my "legs". But with a four legged table, you can't ignore what's going on. And so I began to rebuild my foundation with four legs and this Journey provides an opportunity for you to do the same.

In this Journey, you are working to steady your table, to notice more quickly when one of your legs has been compromised, and how you can best regain your balance. Because there is no one "right" path for everyone, this Journey presents various tools in easy to digest nuggets so that you can pick up what serves you and your situation. You'll explore various aspects of Yoga through the lens of the Eight Limbed Path; you'll explore ways to balance your Energy body through the lens of Reiki, Chakras, and other energy healing practices; and you'll explore your Nature (how you are in a situation as well as where you are environmentally) through the lens of Shamanism and earth based practices to support your personal journey. I present these offerings as Medicine with a capital M. Take what you need for your personal care.

In Yoga, we are taught that “we are all one”. A significant number of cultures, particularly historically matriarchal societies, are steeped in the practice of animism, the belief that all things have Spirit and contribute to the natural harmony of this place we hold together. In short, if we are truly all one, we should be mindful to care for ourselves because as we care for ourselves, we care for all. By marrying these philosophies, these Moon Lessons can highlight your strengths, bolster your weakened or depleted areas, and remind you, Goddess, that you are not alone. You are connected to a tribe of infinite resource and possibility.

I invite you to share how these lessons manifest for you along the way in our private Facebook forum, if you are so inclined. Share the good, the bad, and the ugly, because let’s face it, in the end, it’s all a matter of perspective. And often we only see the true beauty of ourselves, and the efforts we put forth, when reflected back at us through the eyes of another.

“When I look at you, I see my Self”.

One love, Erica.

Logistics To Consider and Remember

You will receive a new Full Moon Lesson in your classroom on the first of each month. You will have the entire month to explore the lessons within each month. By design, some months have more or less online content than others. Lessons will guide you to explore concepts and practices ranging from yoga asana (poses) to meditation and more. We will hold a LIVE discussion class in the third week of each month. You will receive an email reminder prior to each LIVE call class day. I encourage you to join these calls, it's an opportunity to explore the nuances that can be lost in written form. But if you are unable to attend, the recording will be available within a few days following.

Simply remain open to the journey. Remember the goal is to explore new ways to incorporate Yoga, mindfulness, and ritual into your daily life thus deepening your practice and overall sense of wellness in, yet, unimagined ways. There is no singular "right" way to follow this journey. So relax and agree to keep showing up for yourself. You deserve it.

We have a dedicated Facebook page for your journey. The space is private and is available for you to share your experiences with one another. If you are already on Facebook, I will send you an invite to join the space. If you are not on Facebook and don't wish to be, that is fine too =)

Journey on with love, Erica.