Moon Lesson • How to Bear the Cold

During this month, the Cold Moon brightens the night sky. The winter cold fastens its grip, and nights are at their longest and darkest. This moon has also been called the Long Night Moon because the midwinter night is indeed long and remains above the horizon for a long time. The settlers in America would refer to this time as the Moon before Yule (the time before the solstice around December 21/22).

The cold guides us to turn inward, to seek shelter, and bear down for the winter. It might be bustling in your home and even more of a frenzy in your mind and/or body at this time of year. But the Cold Moon invites you to reflect on the stillness that you can find in nature this time of year. The leaves have fallen. There is little brush in the way, so on a quiet night, you can see more clearly over longer distances. The animals are more scarce and those who are out are more deliberate in their actions. You might notice the intricate patterns of the tracks each creature leaves. You might even begin to notice the effect those patterns have on the environment.

Our Moon Lesson focuses on just that. Seeing the impact of the patterns in your life, gaining clarity, and then honoring the simplicity of moving forward, one step at a time. Consider the habits that you typically fall into during this time of year. Have these paths or patterns served you well? Or have they served as a "necessary evil" to get through the month?

We'll begin by looking to our Eight Limbed Path at the practice of Asteya. Asteya can be translated to "non-stealing"; in other words, to take nothing that does not belong to you. To practice Asteya, we must consider how we manage anything that has not been freely given to us. In this light, we consider, not just belongings but also another's time or space or even their stories.

Under the light of this Cold Moon, I invite you to turn inward, consider the ways in which you "steal" from yourself. And more importantly, consider how you might address those patterns and begin to bring balance into the give and take in your life. The light of the Full Cold Moon highlights paths, so we will explore the Meridians, the main energetic transportation pathways within your body.


Consider the spirit of the Bear. The power of Bear represents strength and confidence. Bear can stand against adversity and take action. When Bear or those in Bear's charge are threatened, she will break through any barrier to re-establish safe boundaries. She is as fierce as she is nurturing. The spirit of the bear indicates it's time for healing or using healing abilities to help your self or other. Bear medicine emphasizes the importance of quiet time, solitude, and rest.

And this is where your journey work begins. This month you will explore your boundaries, your habits...the patterns and paths you follow both outside, in your day to day, and within your body. We will explore Meridians and how these pathways can be accessed and cleared to support your wholeness.To prepare for these experiences dive into the Moon Time Exploration below.

Now consider the Mother archetype. When the Mother archetype is dominant in a woman's psyche, she is a natural caretaker. Even when a woman is childless or beyond childbearing years, she is responsible, protective and finds satisfaction in taking care of others. This archetype represents your maternal instincts, you desire to create, and provide physical, mental, and spiritual sustenance.

The Mother's greatest strengths are her persistence, compassion and ability to nurture. On the other end, the Mother runs the risk of putting others before herself and neglecting her own needs. They often have difficulty establishing boundaries. And when that special brand of persistence goes into overdrive Mother can be deeply stubborn. Mother is both sides of each coin.

The sacred feminine.

Mother nature Mother of all
Heavenly venus under her shawl
Her deepest nature pure and still
She has the power to cause havoc at will

Mother Nature Sophia hailed
Highest goddess her wisdom veiled
Scent of her silence and things unseen
In her depth the mystery of being.

Mother Nature in her loving embrace
Two sides to her nature her essence is grace
The womb of heaven and all thats above
She's the root and support of all that is love

Mother and goddess of motherhood
Beauty and love all that is good
Her motion and movement and rhythmic design
Continuously keeping her laws aligned

Mother and lover Goddess of birth
She has the power to connect heaven and earth
In her lush garden there's all that we need
Limited by ignorance arrogance and greed.

Mother Nature of all that gives birth
Her memory encoded deep in the earth
Beautiful Madonna,  protector of love
The Sacred feminine, pure as a dove.

- RK at



Mother and Bear walk hand in hand. Both are deeply protective when it comes to those they care for. They wield bold and powerful with the same skill as they offer kindness and nurturing. Consider Kali Ma and Gaia as example and inspiration.

Moon Time Exploration


This month, pay attention to your level of energy. Do you feel sluggish? Are you anxious? Do you feel scattered? Have you wished that there were more than one of you? Do you feel warm and settled? Do you feel content? Do you feel enveloped in comfort?

The quality of your energy carries you through or drops you like a rock on any given day. Your energy is like the delicate threads that are required to bind even more delicate fabric together — your energy relies on as well as influences your mind, your body and your spirit. If your mind is distracted, your energy is scattered. If your body is tired or not well nourished, your energy is depleted. If your spirit is crushed, you may feel defeated, depressed, etc. They are so closely knit that it's difficult to tell which occurred first. Did you feel scattered and then become distracted or was it the other way around? The truth and beauty is that energy can be shifted, directed to flow when and where you need it to go. You only need to clear the pathway.

The only aspect of your wellness that is not woven into this symbiotic relationship is your Nature. Nature can override and rebalance your energy-mind-body-spirit dynamic. Nature refers to changing your environment whether it's getting outside for fresh air or getting out of a toxic relationship or turning inside for rest or moving deeper into an intimate relationship. Nature is choice. What choices are you willing to make to be truly whole and balanced? What's in your way? Is this obstacle real or imagined?

I suppose the only real question is: What's in your Nature? Take the lead from Bear, check your boundaries with fierce compassion...access the patterns that define your realm. Do they need to be reinforced or broken through? Discover what's in your nature and decide if you're comfortable with the landscape/environment you've built for yourself. Weed out what might be threatening the beauty of your landscape. Nurture everything else.

Read through the entire exercise before putting it into action. Materials needed: your journal and a pen

Journey Practice - Trailblazing

This is one of the shortest practices to write, but it's likely the most challenging one to master. But I wouldn't present it, if you weren't ready.

Setting and protecting healthy boundaries is one of the most effective ways to reclaim your grounding, repattern your habits, and own your role in how your Nature manifests. When it comes to boundaries, we often don't realize that our boundaries have been compromised until the situation is way out of hand. Then mama Bear goes ballistic. Right? Right? We've all been there. Breached boundaries are most often the result of two situations: 1) making concessions and 2) not consciously knowing what your boundaries are.

So to offer a means for reclaiming ownership of your patterns, habits, and boundaries...

Say 'No' to one thing that you do not wish to do today. For 30 days, say 'No' without explanation, without apology, without shying away, without fear. Understand the mere fact that you don't want to is reason enough. There is no malice or regret in this reclamation. A clear and simple 'No, thank you.' is all this practice requires.

I recognize that this month is full of holiday happenings. Saying no will be very challenging. All the more reason to do it at this time. Please keep track of how each No goes. How do the people you are interacting with react? How do you feel? Can you both call on patience, sit with the momentary discomfort, and wait for the result of this action?

To bolster courage, please share your trailblazing moments with our private group on Facebook.

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