Sacred Ceremony

Blessings & Ceremony

As an ordained minister supported by my role as medicine woman, I support individuals who wish to honor a transition. I have created ceremonies of love for parents whose children are transitioning, for couples and thruples who wish to celebrate their commitment to one another, and for welcoming an adopted child. If your situation merits a love based ceremony, I’d be honored to support you. Let’s discuss what you have in mind.

Space Clearing

Much like spring cleaning to remove unnecessary clutter, dirt and debris, a ritual energetic cleaning of your home or workspaces can go a long way to bringing balance to your everyday. Connect with me to discuss your needs and schedule your ritual clearing.


On the day of your home or workspace clearing, the space should be free of people and animals (animals who are secured may remain). I will precede through each space as detailed in our plan to perform ritual. Each room/space requires it's own two rooms are cleared the same way.

After I've gone through all designated areas, I will sit and journey and ask spirit to share with me any information that will be helpful for you as keepers of the space. This is a gift I share with you so that you may know better the energy of the container within which you are held safe.