To Your Strengths

I was in my garage working on refinishing a side table and it struck me that I work with "good bones". And I LOVE it!!

As usual, I've gotta give you the back story first. Last week, I was in a workshop and we needed to do a Myers-Briggs type test. I typically 'fail' those types of tests because I refuse to be put in a box lol. But, this test was different. It was designed to highlight only our strengths. After we'd all completed it, the presenter lit up a slide that posed the question, "how different do you think society would be if we all spent more time focused on living into our strengths rather than trying to 'fix' our weaknesses." So I sat for an hour and learned how society-at-large really is conditioned to focus on their weaknesses.

For me it goes waaayyy back. When I was in grade school if I was "good" at something then I didn't need to work on it (yep...let that muscle big deal, everyone's doing it). And instead I was given extra work to do in the areas that I wasn't so great at. So I spent 80% of my time banging my head against a wall that I might only cause a chip in. But imagine what I might have come up with if I was guided to spend 80% of my time deep diving into what I was truly passionate about and partnered with someone who was equally passionate about the 20% that I wasn't into. Mind blowing, right?

Or how about this example. It's fairly basic...the need for whiter teeth, longer or shorter hair, stronger nails, narrower waistline, bigger homes, greener lawns, cleaner shave, etc. My point is that the practice of playing to our weaknesses is so insidious that we barely notice the actual underlying message: You aren't good enough, yet. I call Bull$h!t.

So, even though this was a business centered workshop, for me, it was quite interesting from a yogic perspective. The lessons of Yoga are rooted in acknowledging our weaknesses, but living into our strengths. This is the world I choose to live in and the one I try to share with those around me — play to your strengths.

So, back to my garage and the side table. I have been blessed with the ability to see good bones and to work with them to highlight or bring out their best characteristics. And it struck me this morning, that I don't just do this with furniture or homes or artwork, but I do it with people too. Turns's one of my strengths =)

I'm drawn to and work with people who have great bones! If you're reading this, you're definitely one of those people =) Every newsletter, each yoga teacher training, each journey, every class and each workshop are geared toward helping you play to your build you up in the face of that tired, played out message of never being good enough. You have good bones and you're worth it.

So if you aren't already enrolled in one of my online journeys or enrolled in a training to deepen your practice, please be sure to come visit me in Providence. I've got a bone to pick with you. <wink>

Oh! Wait...ok, so you need to know one thing. How does this "good bones" stuff help you? GREAT question.

The next Journey through 13 Moons begins soon and the women on this year's journeys are incredible. I mean true goddesses to the bone. We have women on both tracks this year: Year of the Yogi and Year of the Healer. And because it's just so dynamic, I’ve decided these two groups of courageous women will come together at various point throughout the year. #sacredcommunity #hOMe

The Year of the Yogi helps women take the teachings of yoga off the mat and into every day life. Literally. Our online classes take place in the kitchen, the living room...the car! It's quite the ride. But if you need a framework for your personal grounding and growth...dedicate a year to you. As for the Year of the Healer, I take a broad view of the word Healer. A healer might be a nurse, a therapist, a yogi, a reiki master, a mother, a teacher, a caregiver or AND THIS IS MOST FITTING...any woman who is looking to pick up the pieces of herself and heal herself regardless of any other hat she may wear. 

This is a bespoke healing and collaborative mentoring path that empowers you to resolve lifetimes of fear based choices to reclaim your full range of healing, creative and intuitive gifts. It opens you to the mystery of your own self healing work. You explore yoga, reiki, herbalism, moon cycles, your spirit guides and swirl it all together with your inherent strengths. Together, we'll build on those good bones.

Don't count yourself out. I haven't.