The Power of Question or is it a Question of Power

There are several questions that I get asked on a regular basis. The most frequently asked question I hear is: "what's for dinner?" LOL! Stay with me. Like you, I wear a lot of hats. And at times it feels impossible to remember which hat I'm wearing; much less whether or not I'm wearing them well.

But this morning, with a collection of wildness on my head, it occurred to me that questions and answers are an exchange of power! I learn so freakin' much from my children. Here we go. My lesson learned this month:

This question from my children was a manifestation of their lack of power and control over their nourishment. I started having them help plan our meals so there would always be something on the menu that they loved. Then I started writing the meals on a calendar in the kitchen so they could see what was for dinner each day. Now they are relaxed and more in control of their nourishment and I get to hear a new question when I pick them up from school: How was your day, Mama? Winning =)

So how does this relate to you. As a teacher, healer, and guide there are two questions I'm most frequently asked: How can I fix xyz and how long will it take? Let's focus on the first one first.

I've come to recognize there are four pillars that support perfect health and wellness: mind, body, spirit, and...drum roll, please...nature. Nature includes our environments and our habits - where we tend to be and how we tend to be. Let's consider a stool and a table. The stool has three legs; one leg can be slightly short and a stool can still feel level "enough". That's the beauty of triangles. But what about the table? The table has four legs; if one leg is short it wobbles until you find a remedy.

For better or worse, it turns out we are more like tables than stools. Here are some examples:

You injure your knee, get surgery and you want to get back to "normal". Your MIND will need to address any limiting beliefs and negative talk about the injury, how it happened, and what it means for you going forward. Your SPIRIT will need to address depression/grief over the loss of mobility. Your BODY will need time to heal. As for NATURE...maybe prior to the injury you did a great deal of yoga asana along with running. This was your habit (asana) and your environment (yoga studio). Maybe your yoga becomes swimming and meditation. 

Let's do another one:
Student: I went to another reiki healer earlier and they said my Heart Chakra was blocked. How do I unblock it?

Inside my head: How's that for an exchange of power? Who holds the key to your balance in this scenario? Little still do. Like my children you just need to be walked back into your power. Random side: I don't tend to use the language of blocked or unblocked in my reiki sessions...but I do look to the four pillars. So let's do it.

Me: To bring balance to your Heart Chakra, you have to choose balance.

Your MIND will need to acknowledge the root cause of your heart's displeasure. Not that surface -ish that's fun to talk about but, the real source. I don't need to know what it is...this is your healing. I'm just a guest at your table. Take the seat at the head of the table and focus your energy on you. A "blocked" heart chakra might manifest in your BODY as upper chest congestion, pain behind your shoulder blade, tension in your hands or jaw, or as a steady stream of anxiety. Your body will need support. Some days a soak in an epsom salt bath will go a long way, while other days you might need a physical asana practice to open on a cellular level and release some of that toxic buildup. And other days, let's not forget rest...your body will need to rest. Your SPIRIT will need positive reinforcement; listen to uplifting music, dance even though you might not want to, sing and cry in the shower, get some sun, light a candle for yourself each night, etc. As for NATURE, tools were sprinkled throughout. Did you choose to soak in the tub even though you didn't think you had or deserved to take the time? Did you get outside? Did you remove yourself from the toxic situation/environment and surround yourself with positive people? 

Student: Ok, but how long will it take?
Me: Ah...yes. Let's not forget we live in a quick fix/do it now society.

How long have you been living with anxiety, depression, a broken heart, a fear of [insert yours here...rejection, death, being alone, failure] or that reoccurring ailment [inflammation, injury]? Three months, three years, three decades? How about we start there ;-)

I can present tools and opportunities to create balance and reclaim your personal power. Heck, any teacher, healer or guide can present them. But only you can choose to use them.

Have you visiting the Journeys section of my website lately? Could be a great place to start to reclaim your personal power. One love.