I am NOT Limitless, PART TWO

A number of you asked ...
How did I get to that point where my edges (limits) revolted and starting curling in on themselves like dried fruit? And you were right to ask.Thank you! It is valuable to the lesson to understand how we wind up in a bind in the first place.

And this also gives me the chance to fix a few links. I had updated my website —added some services — and missed those links the first time around...so this a total two-fer ;-)

* * * *
OK. I am a healer, yes. I am a guide for those on their own journeys, yes. I am a teacher for those who wish to learn to ever more mindful ways of being, yes. And I'm also human — living through all the magic of this human experience. And I absolutely adore the limits of being human because they are my own greatest teachers.

Many moons ago, I made a commitment to myself to self attune or give myself a mini reiki treatment each morning before my feet hit the ground. And many moons before that, I made a commitment to meditate daily. These two practices put me in touch with my Divine and together they help me prepare and manage my energy each day.

As I was plowing through on my latest push to get ZenPals to the next phase, the work required I push past my 6 weeks of focused work/1 week of play cycle. I went straight through 12 weeks of work and then right into the holidays and the new year. Somewhere in there I stopped meditating. I told myself "I'll do it later" or "I'll do when I finish...". And, a funny thing happened. "Later" never came.

Self attuning helps me see and restore my own energy. Meditating helps me understand where my energy would be best directed. For me, I need both practices.

So the real lesson of February is this: there's a subtle but vital difference between self-care and putting yourself first. You can "squeeze" your self care into your day...rush to a yoga class here and there or skim 3 minutes of a great article while on the toilet or even turn up the volume and belt out along with your favorite jam in the car while you're waiting for your kids to come out of their school/activity. (Sounds oddly specific doesn't it? lol) And ALL of these moments so very important.

But putting yourself first feels a little different. You arrive at your regular yoga class. You pick up your tea and sit down to read a 10 minute article on Medium. You sit down with your guitar and gift the cosmos with 15 minutes of your playing and singing. Do you feel the difference? Putting yourself first means committing to a regular practice that nourishes you. It means filling your cup on purpose...making sure your good habit remains sacred because you recognize you are precious cargo. No excuses...no apologies...no delays. Right here. Breath in. Right now. Breath out.

You've got this. And I'm right here with you, right now.

One love, e.