Finding Freedom

This morning I sent a text to a friend to let her know I was thinking of her. I wanted to share the spaciousness I felt in that moment with someone who shares my struggle of falling in and out of balance with motherhood, "business-ing", showing up with passionate presence, and marked moments of joy, disappointment, success, and failure.

Anyhoo, I had just settled into my rhythm and realized that it's only once each week that I settle into my natural rhythm. And I began to wonder how many of us actually recognize what our natural rhythm is. It's alluded to all the time in yoga classes. I've certainly done it..."Getting back to the breath we were born with" or "reconnecting with Mother Earth and her cycles"...dropping these phrases without further context or explanation. Heck, sometimes I invite students, while on their mats, to "move freely to reconnect" and I can see that many struggle...not certain what their bodies want or need...not certain where to go without instruction. There is a visceral disconnect between seeking freedom and actually finding it and knowing or deciding what to do with it.

Your natural rhythm is how you would move through your day, your life, etc if you had no other outside influences demanding that you move, do or be somewhere/something else.

Here's what my moment of freedom looked this morning (and I'm grateful to say, it looks just about like this each week):

I woke and lingered in bed while my family prepared for the day. Then I drifted downstairs and I saw them off. I stood for a moment in the quiet of my house. I turned on the teapot and prepared some yogurt with blueberries and honey while I waited for my tea to steep. I scrambled some eggs for a small breakfast wrap. Then I tidied up the kitchen and took my breakfast to my office. My office has the best view and so I watched the sky complete it's morning transformation while I ate. I responded to a few emails and decided that next up was a two hour sprint of work. I'm writing a grant so I need my business brain that means turning off all my notifications so that I'm not tempted toward the distraction. Then I'll take an exercise break. Come home and shower. Enjoy leftover otsu (here's my favorite recipe) and dive back into another two hour sprint of work. I'll go pick up my kids and feel accomplished and grounded enough to be present in my Momdom. This is freedom for me.

What does freedom look like for you? Can you imagine it? Describe it? Recognize it? I'd love to hear what your breathing room looks like for or message me on FB.

While you're pondering that, I've posted new retreats to explore. Maybe there's a bit of freedom to be found yet ;-)

Photo by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash