Dance, World, Dance!

"Worrying is like rocking in a rocking chair — there's a whole lot of back and forth, but you aren't getting anywhere. So just lean into the rhythm. Sit with it for awhile. Everything will come together as soon as you and the world are rocking to the same music again." - my Dad

* * * 
Mercury, that crafty little planet, kicked my usually planetary-aligned ass all over the galaxy last month. I was so backward I kept forgetting what time my own classes started...and I'd been teaching at those exact times for years!!

Whether you find the sun, the moon, and the stars seem to have an impact on your day to day or not...I think we can agree it's nice to have arrived safely in Spring. Despite my ever changing plans, missed appointments, and dropped connections, I did get some wonderful balls rolling and was reminded the universe has some wild dance moves.

Last month, I had to admit when it really comes down to it my ultimate super power is the power to choose how I'm going to react. I always hoped my super power would be teleportation or something fancy like that...but this is pretty cool, too. lol My yoga practice helps me cultivate this super power on a daily basis. But it really shines when I have to actually use it in my day to day.

When I almost missed the start time of my own class, I chose levity. When a client and I tried six different ways to connect virtually, we chose to scrap it and meet for tea. When a mailing that would normally take 2 days to arrive at its destination took 10 days, I surrendered to the reality that it would eventually arrive. When events needed to be rebuilt from the ground up...well, you get the picture.

At every turn, I was forced to recognize the universe had different plans and any additional pushing, pulling, fighting or fretting on my part would only serve to frustrate and tire me out. So I chose surrender. And each time I realized I was in that proverbial rocking chair my father had told me about, I met the situation with a deep joyful belly laugh and reminded myself to sit back, to wait. Everything wasn't falling was coming together.

Now that my feet are once again moving in sync with the world, I can see why the universe seemed to be asking me to check twice and sometimes three times. Honestly, if you had asked me about my yoga retreat to Thailand or Sacred Repair across the country or the women’s circle and retreat in Maine, I couldn't have told you about them because they were barely on my radar. But rather, they landed, fully realized, in my lap while I was leaning into the new rhythm of the music the world was spinning just for me. 

So the next time things might not appear to be aligning in your favor, remember we all have the power to choose joy and laughter over upset and tears. Pause, be still, and ask yourself, "which choice will elevate this moment right now?" Because, baby, the universe truly is twisting and gyrating to gain your favor.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash