Come what's Summer

Graduation season is always a flurry of time and mixed emotions.

Each summer, I see it in my students' bodies as they step on their mats — college students are transitioning into the great mystery that is adulting, professors and teachers are on the verge of collapse or bursting with glee as they push toward the close of their school year and prep for summer, parents are either grieving or sighing a breath of relief or both at alternating intervals as their children matriculate. Even my own Yoga Teacher Trainees who will be graduating this month are all a twitter. There are so many new and wondrous doors opening and so many chapters concluding. Time seems to speed up and slow down and hearts seem to crumble and crack wide open.

So as I watched this dichotomy unfold in my classes these past few weeks, I realized I was navigating a similar battle in my own life.

I'm stupid nervous and wildly excited about expanding my offering to teach at two additional (and phenomenal) studios this summer. Beginning this summer, you will be able to find me at Summit Yoga and at All That Matters - Pvd. Eek! Honestly, all these butterflies are every indication I need to know I'm still on the right path. But, knowing I'm on the right path and managing my emotions are two different things. So, to still myself and my students, I've been reading poetry. One poem has really stayed with me this month and so I offer it to you and hope it provides some grounding for you as well.

Breath of Life by Danna Faulds
I breathe in all that is
awareness expanding to take everything in,
as if my heart beats the world into being.

From the unnamed vastness beneath the mind,
I breathe my way to wholeness and healing.
Inhalation. Exhalation.
Each breath a "yes," and a letting go,
a journey, and a coming home.

Now close your eyes and breath as though your heart beats the whole world into being and know that you are home. One love, Erica.

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash