I am NOT Limitless

A few summers ago, one of my teachers told me to pay attention. Apparently, I had been watching, seeing, and noticing...but I had not be paying careful attention. Admittedly, I'm still new at this practice. So there are times when I fall out of practice.

THWACK! And then the Universe smacks me in the head.

Three times this past week, I've heard the message, "don't give up before the miracle happens." I didn't hear something like this message. I heard this EXACT message. Yep, got it. I'm paying attention. Again.

And as soon as my head stopped spinning, I asked, "So, Universe, whatcha got?" I immediately had to belly laugh out loud. Sometimes it feels like that doesn't it? You finally do what you were supposed to have been doing all along and now you want a special cookie.

THWACK! It doesn't work like that.

This is the point when you've gotta hunker down and do the real work. So here's the thing: I've been feeling "meh" about what my next best steps should be for Bija and ZenPals, my meditation app for children battling cancer. I flourished in my business accelerator program, I sold the yurt (the last vestiges of the brick and mortar), I have an incredible team of advisors, an accountability cohort, everything pointed toward creating a small scale test, and no focus. Zero.

My heart and soul are deep in the dye vat of healer's work...drum making, medicine crafting, journey work, bespoke healing sessions, and cultivating spaces and retreats for your personal development.

I burnt myself out in one area of my life and I need to refuel. I imagine, you might be able to relate...just a little. But, my lesson learned isn't about the burning out...it's about the building back up. It's about owning and honoring my limits. That's right! I'm saying it...I am NOT limitless.

I have an infinite capacity for love, kindness, forgiveness and understanding...but my mind and body are finite. When you recognize and respect your limits, you're in a better position to pace yourself. You're better able to set ego aside. You're better able to set expectations aside. You remember you can set aside and breathe.

It's why we have savasana at the end of yoga practice. It's designed to welcome us back into the framework of our being in order to feel all the feels and sort through each one, up close and personal. It's designed to ready us for the yoga of our day to day lives. It's the gentle reminder if you don't choose to pause now, something else is gonna come up and make you pause later.