Last one! Best one!

In the dojo where I train the instructors believe in encouragement under fire. LOL When it's time to pull out all the stops and give it all you've got, my trainer will call out, "Last one!" and we (the students) yell back "Best one!"

So that's where I am this month — "Last one! Best one!"

It brings me such joy to share the practice of Yoga on a deeper level with students who are called to teach. The discovery, the transformation...the entire journey of a teacher-in-training has a unique sparkle all it's own and I cherish each and every beautiful soul who has walked the Deep River Yoga path.

That said, this Fall I'll be leading my last Deep River School of Yoga 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training AND my first Advanced Yoga Training. It's a big year! For those of you who have it on your bucket list to join me for 200hrs of deepening your understanding, practice, and application of Yoga, there's still time to apply. Last one! Best one! Let's do this!

As for my lesson learned this month? It's more of a reminder than a new lesson: Endings are the gateway to new beginnings. The kicker is you've got to be willing to close that first door, first.

photo image: Radu Luchian