Steady as She Goes

This morning as I closed a video chat with the women of 13 Moons (these are the women who are studying yoga, personal wellness, and how to access abundance with me for a year), I felt more grounded and comforted than I have in a while. And it hit me like a brick. A key ingredient in my life that makes most things seem possible and so many things more bearable is you.

You are like the steady breath that grounds me in my own journey as a teacher, healer, and guide. Being present for that moment when you see yourself as I see you makes the tough days more tolerable. There is so very much going on in the world...shame, guilt, and fear are all rising up like the worst kind of zit. And I realize that I don't have a magic potion to soothe the conditions that are so blatantly marring this world. But knowing that you are out there being the most courageous and beautiful you...lifts my spirit. Gives me hope. Helps me climb down from the tightrope for a moment to breathe. And for that, I offer you my deepest bow and gratitude.

In addition to my gratitude, this month, I just want to quickly highlight a few things:

I have 6 spaces remaining in my Advanced Yoga Teacher Training. So do get your application and deposit in if you're looking for a training that is truly tailored and focused on your personal growth.

I have 5 spaces remaining in my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training. Here's what one yogini had to say about her experience, "Two words keep coming to me. The first is PROFOUND. You. Bija. The entire experience. I have spent years trying to be....something....someone....This is me. The search is over.
The second word that keeps coming to me is THANKFUL. To you, to my [training tribe], for what I have learned, the awakening, the shaking up, the tears, the laughter & the lessons still to come."

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Please note: because this is near one-on-one work with me, I only accept 13 women in these Journeys.