Busy is the New Black

It's a short month and you might feel as though you're short on time, so I'm gonna get right to the point. You are NOT too busy.

Ah. Ah. Let it land. Breathe.

More and more my nearest and dearest are wearing "busy" like it's the new black. "Busy" has become the fall guy for their poor eating choices, poor sleep habits, degrading relationships, and the pit of anxiety, anger, and depression they are struggling with. If busy is anything...it's the new stress disguised by a flashy, and false, badge of honor.

I'll tell you what my father used to tell me when I'd sink into overwhelm. "Sweetheart, you have been gifted the same 24 hours as anyone else — the only difference is how you choose to spend it."

To relinquish the busy crutch, I challenge you to reclaim some of that precious time you've been gifted. Rather than trolling social media, read that book that's collecting dust on your nightstand. Rather checking your email every 15 minutes, check it twice a day and instead use this reclaimed time to prepare and enjoy truly nourishing meals like this one. Rather than whipping out your phone to take pic of the sunset, sit quietly and actually just watch the sun set. Rather than watching the news, have some friends over and catch up on their news.

Doing one of these seemingly little things is exactly how I realized and created my latest recipe for happiness. Yeah, there are several great recipes for happiness floating around (I've even shared one on my blog before). But this sizzling mix is my simplest one yet. I call it the Three Steps to Happy Dance ('cuz I like to name stuff). Anyhoo, it's written kinda like one of those recipes my mom gives me when she's been making something from the heart for so long she doesn't have any exact measurements. "Just a little of this and a lot of that". LOL! Turns out those are my favorite recipes. They take a little longer to figure out but so worth it. Every single time. So here ya' are...

Three Steps to Happy Dance:
Swirl together
a bit of progress,
a dash of spontaneity
and a twist of connection.

When you see progress on any effort in your life (a book, a new exercise commitment, etc), you recognize that your efforts have value and this encourages you to stay the course which breeds satisfaction. When you have room for "going with the flow" it's a manifestation of abundance and freedom. You get the same result when you CHOOSE to make room...you feel more abundant and free. And when you connect with another living being (yep, your furry friends count), you experience first hand the depth of your purpose.
On the other hand, when your eyes are covered by a screen, you're missing the beauty of life as it unfolds. When your hands are filled with gadgets, you can't hold hands. And when your heart is constantly casting about, you don't feel well positioned in the moment.

This practice of reclaiming time is how you replace "busy" with Beauty and make room for true happiness in your life. So. Are you ready to take that one simple step back into your life?

Try checking out of social media for the next 7 days. Take note of the windows of time that open up in your life. Sit with your boredom and notice the urge to fill the space. Then choose not to. Just accept this time back into your life and recognize that you have infinite choice in how you decide to spend it.  

Then take another 7 days and retrain yourself to fill those windows with Beauty.

One love, Erica.