Say Yes!

A few nights ago, I went to bed and declared "I will not need to get up to go the bathroom in the middle of the night. I will sleep through the night!" I was sincerely determined to have an uninterrupted night of sleep.

When I woke up the next morning, having achieved my goal, I enthusiastically whispered YES! I didn't really whisper. I pulled my hands into fists and drew my elbows sharply back as though I had won some competition and I was loud enough that my husband woke and asked what was up. LOL

The unfortunate result of waking my hubby aside, the rush of "happy hormones" that swooshed through my body was incredible. My entire day was launched and carried by this literal force of good vibes.

So I decided to try saying YES! again the next morning simply to see what would happen. And you know what happened? No, I didn't disturb my husband this time, but I did still get that same swoosh of energy. It actually made me giggle.

So I decided to make a habit of it. As soon as you open your eyes, before you start thinking about anything...say YES with enthusiasm. If a thought creeps in, say YES as soon as you remember. I found that some mornings I was saying YES! simply because I remembered to say Yes. Other mornings it was because of some small victory. But each morning this simple practice has put a positive spin on my day ahead. You have got to try it!!

Some other small victories you can consider as you close out 2017 and open 2018. How about putting yourself care on your calendar?