'Tis a Gift to be Simple

It's 2018 and I'm still growing and reaching. I'm still a student of life. Woohoo! Honestly, each year of lessons is another year I've gotten to share with you. And that means everything to me. Typically, I start the new year by telling you about my latest lesson learned. This year, I have questions for you instead.

How do you mark your new beginnings? Do you honor them with silence? Do you surround them in the sacred? Maybe a small ritual? Do you share them with others? And what makes some beginnings more "worthy" of attention than others?

Take January 1st. Is there any reason that January 1st deserves a big party with champagne and kisses...but not the day you conquered your fears and chose to follow your passion and dreams? Are the vows made on January 1st any more profound than the vows we make to one another each and every day to do good and be better? And how long have you been on pause, waiting for the "right" moment to begin x, y, and z? When you hit 'Go' can we toast to that?

I truly believe that every waking moment is an opportunity to begin again. Honestly, with some of the missteps, screw ups, and had-to-do-overs, I've shared with you over the past year...I wouldn't get out of bed if I didn't believe in new beginnings. LOL
Given that life has enough "almosts", "not quites", "I didn't expect thats" and "general disappointments", I take each breath as a deep renewal.

If we slow down enough to notice how rich the mundane truly is, we discover there is way more to celebrate then the start of a new year. There is a party in that smile you shared. There is a dance in that hug. There are bubbles of laughter in that handwritten note you mailed. That job you gained, that one you left... The new person in your life, the ones you no longer see but continue to cherish... The perfect chai from your least favorite barista... The puffs of fur left by your four-legged companions... Coming home to a clean house... And my personal favorite, the fleeting gift of time shared with people who "get" you.

These simple gifts are worthy of appreciation. Take some time on January 1 and let your heart soar over these worthy moments in your life. Throw a party in your head just to say Thank you! And then set an intention to be more mindful of the simple gifts in your life going forward. I think you'll start to notice the pattern of new beginnings and the many reasons to celebrate every day.

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