The Kindergarten Project

While in college, I began to collect miniature perfume bottles. I didn't have hard parameters for this collection; if the bottle put a sparkle in my eye, it went in the collection. So yeah, some of them are rather unpleasant to smell. But walk with me along this journey anyway.

* * * * * 

My dad came to visit this month. He brought with him a stack of my old school papers from kindergarten through fourth grade. It was a joyous journey into my childhood. My children and I laughed at my artwork and the stories and poems I wrote at that age. Spoiler: they were all beautifully terrible.

But there was one collection that really warmed me—a tattered, orange, homemade know the type, right?...the large sheet of construction paper, folded in half and stapled down the edge...Bam! folder. Anyway, in this folder, compiled together with my height and my hand and footprints, were pages of images I had cut out and pasted in categories: things I touch, things I smell, things I taste, and things I hear.

On the page of 'things I smell' there was an image of a bottle of perfume. Teal and gold with a red cap.

Instantly I was reminded that at a young age, without filters, we know who we are and what lights us up. We might not have the language to describe it, but our understanding of ourselves was very real and our willingness to embrace our truest self came so naturally.


Gazing at that image today, all I could do was grin like a child with a secret. Because thirteen years later when I began my perfume collection—without recollection of my kindergarten project—that bottle ended up in my collection.

I think each of us has a thread of personal joy that can be traced back to our innocence. I believe it's in unguarded moments of pure joy, pure bliss and personal reach back into your unfiltered self and find home. This is our journey. This is our practice. This is Yoga.

I know that giving yourself moments of unapologetic attention to attend to your personal joys can be challenging. But I also know that level of clarity and certainty and sparkle is your right. So, what brings you back to center? And when was the last time you gave yourself permission to go there? What lifts your heart and spirit from the inside? Maybe we can walk this journey of re-discovery together.

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