WAKE UP and Smell Reality

I work every day at living a mindful life. Because let's face it...what is a Yogi if not mindful?

This morning, I realized that on average I negotiate at least twelve external communications before I even get out of bed. Yikes!

Here's what it looks like. Its 5:15am.

My ears wake up first, I take in the sounds of the birds outside my windows. I inhale the morning and listen for the sounds of my children in the moments before they wake. I listen for my husband's grumble and stumble as he makes his way to the restroom. With my eyes still closed, I internally scan through my body with a bit of Reiki and set my intention for the day.

And then my hard drive kicks on. Just like my Mac sounds on start up...Bahroom!

My brain kicks into high gear. My eyes light up. I roll over grab and my phone. And this is when I lose it. 'It' being my connection with the present moment.

I start my day with a crazy blur of external "communication". I check my overnight text messages. I check my emails. Then I check my social media pages. I go back through to the "important" ones and start crafting responses and new requests. I connect with my accountant, my virtual assistant, my house cleaner, a parent who's hosting a playdate, a chef, and an intern. And the funny, not funny, thing is that more often than not, I get responses. So I know I'm not the only one who has been operating this way...mindfully or not. At the start of my day, what am I really saying? What am I accomplishing? 

At some point, while I'm in the midst of an epic communication, my daughters will check in with me to tell me about their dreams from the night before and their hopes and fears for the day ahead. My husband will attempt to draw me from my e-tether to come downstairs for breakfast. These are truly beautiful moments. And this morning, I realized that my 'practice' of externally communicating (though efficient) is not the way that I wish to start each day of this mindful life. Isn't that how all 'habits' begin? As a once-in-a-while experience. And then BAM! It's suddenly how you move through the world. Regardless of how the habit was born, the beauty is that once noticed, we can make the conscious choice to change it.

For me, the internal exchanges are the ones I should start my day with to truly align my mind and body before my feet touch the ground. How did I get off course? Human error. The problem exists between the keyboard and my seat. So now that I've pinpointed the precise moment when my day gets derailed. I had to ask myself, "what do I want to do about it?". Yoga teaches me that 'future suffering is avoidable'. Effective today, my phone will be plugged in downstairs (which is where it used to be...smh). I am looking forward to giving my internal communications a reboot in the morning.

How about you? What are you really saying with your choices? Are you present with what's happening right in front of you? Is there a small adjustment that you can make in your day-to-day habits to clear your cache and refresh your internal drive?