The Struggle is Real

I noticed there are two major themes floating around this month: "I simply feel stuck", "what do I do next?", "why?", and "how?" AND "I've got so much information, I'm not sure where to begin!".

This brings me to my lesson learned this month. Struggle is not exclusively a "bad thing". Struggle is difficult, troubling, and humbling. is probably the most unifying aspect of our human experience. We all struggle. Daily. Yet, we continue to move forward in the face of debilitating debt, separation, loss of loved ones, depression, anxiety, failure to launch, etc.

In order to overcome, we are forced to flex our creative problem solving muscles. With each struggle, no matter how bruised we may come out on the other side, we gain something that can't be taken away. But sometimes, the constant battle to push forward can leave a lingering feeling of "stuckness". So how do we get "unstuck"? 

Try these 4 Steps to move from Intention to Action:

Step 1: Acknowledge that you have been stuck.

Step 2: Take a Hike. If you regularly park your ass on the couch, in a particular coffee shop, in your office or spend most of your time in your car. It's time to take a hike. Leave your phone behind and get outside for some fresh air. To get the best kick in your pants, walk through a wooded area. I'm not going to get all scientific on you, but the air is better there ;-)

Step 3: Call a Friend. I mean pick up your phone and call a friend. Don't text them. Don't send them a Facebook message. Call them and set a date to chill with each other. Immediately. This is a life line call. Not a "oh, whenever you can" moment. This is a "I need to see you in person. Today." moment. Keep calling people until you find someone who's schedule matches yours. As you talk, two things are likely to happen: one, you'll learn that they are experiencing the same thing and feel just as stuck as you or two, you'll learn that they aren't feeling stuck, and maybe their story of how they are being in the moment will inspire you to action.

Step 4: Post your Plan. Social media has it's flaws, HOWEVER it can be a great accountability tool. Share on your media of choice that big scary next step idea that came to mind while you were hiking. To commit to a posting a weekly blog. To writing a book. To leading a workshop. To visiting that place you've never been. Share that you're going to do it and by when. You will be met with enough virtual high fives to give you the boost you need to accomplish that goal. Take that boost and run with it.