Are you still simmering?

One moment can change EVERYTHING.

I am well aware that all the yoga and mindful practices within my arsenal are not enough to wipe away the impact of the recent tragedies we've watched unfold, locally and globally. But I do believe they can help you personally. I have always believed in the power of yoga to restore your sense of self and belonging. I believe in its ability to help transform feelings of helplessness or hopelessness into least for a moment. And I also believe that one moment is all it takes.

It wasn’t too long ago that we needed to wait for a well researched article to be printed in a reputable newspaper to learn about major events around the world and in our communities. It wasn’t too long ago that we needed to wait for a letter to show up in the mail with news from our loved ones. Terrible events have always been brewing…but we had more time to process; to grieve; to gather our resources both mentally and financially. We had time to recalibrate.

Today, we are able to watch every event as it unfolds; from natural disasters to something as personal as a single person’s departure from this earth. Although riveting, this keeps your mind, body, and spirit on a constant simmer.

Consider a pot of your favorite soup. It’s got all the right herbs, just the perfect amount of broth, the veggies and protein are fresh, bright and well seasoned. You did and are doing everything right for this pot of soup…for this bit of nourishment. You watched as it came to a boil and then you turned it down to simmer. Then you walked away. The next big event was unraveling in your home, on the internet, on tv, and on the radio and you were compelled to give your energy and your attention to it.

You turned away while your nourishment was still on simmer, the broth began to evaporate, the veggies turned to mush, the protein broke down, and eventually the bottom of the pot scorched.  From the outside, it’s still a pot. And maybe it even still looks okay. However, the pot is fragile; the attachments were not designed for sustained heat. So what I want you to take away is this: Without attention, that pot may never cook evenly again. Without attention, it may never be a vessel for nourishment in quite the same way.

So in the face of a constant simmer (courtesy of our everything now society), I invite you to turn yourself off. Don't wait until you've boiled over and feel scorched from the inside, join me this month for a moment of pure nourishment. One moment can change everything.

Through space and time, Erica.