The Direct Route to Happiness

I received a Message from the Universe the other day (thank you to Mike Dooley) and in it I saw directions to happiness. Yep. Honest to goodness DIRECTIONS. Plain as day. 

Each time I consider these directions I can see how Happiness continues to be so illusive to many. The directions are a bit tricky...primarily, because they are so simple.

Case, in point. When I was in grade school, I had a history teacher, Mr. Wusterbarth (I believe). On our first day, he gave us a test. He told us to read all of the instructions carefully before proceeding. We, of course, were shocked at receiving a test on the first day of school...but I figured this is what it meant to step into the "big leagues". lol

Anyway, at the top of the page the text read: Please read all of the instructions carefully before picking up your pencil. Then it continued with a list of nearly 20 very strange instructions; like "write your name backward on the chalkboard" and "borrow an eraser from a friend who has an A in their name". The entire class was running around the room completing tasks to the best of their ability. The very last instruction said, "please disregard instructions 2 - 19. Pick up your pencil, write your name at the top of the page and turn your paper over. Sit quietly".

Some days, I'm just that kid running around "doing things" apparently for the sake of "doing things". It is so simple to get caught up in our desire to prove our selves, our desire to please, our desire to be first, our desire to be the best, etc...all of these desires are driven by the false impression that fulfilling this or that will lead to something 'greater'. I'm here to remind you that it does; it typically leads to great exhaustion. So take a load off. Sit yourself down. Be quiet.

When you have your bearings, I invite you to print these directions. Tape them to your mirror. Read them each morning for the next 30 days. Then let me know what you reap from this newly planted seed. Are you ready?

Directions for Happiness

Show up early.
Think less. Feel more.
Ask for what you need, sincerely.
Give thanks, recklessly.
Expect the best, often.
Appreciate everything, including the mundane.
Make it fun, always.
Choose happy, daily.