Resistance is Futile

I like to think of spring as the time to really soak in opportunities. Something about the rain and the flowers and the overall feeling of "fresh" and "re-freshing" practically demands that I clear stuff out.

With that, this past month I discovered that I was soaking in resistance. So much so, that I had to pause to really look at my relationship with it. What was I fighting for or against? And why? Was it really worth the energetic expense? 

Whether it was how my body responded to a pose on my mat or my base need to "be right" in my day to day interactions, I've become keenly aware that rather than own my resistance, I have been casting it in a different role. Incredible slight of hand really...check it out and let me know if this sounds familiar.

When something doesn't go as anticipated, I have a story to describe the situation..."it's too hard", "they are being difficult", "that only works for other people", "screw that! they don't know...". Yep, the chatter is endless.

But, living a life of awareness means committing to a life of self study. So I did finally come to accept that this type of chatter enabled me to place blame for my resistance elsewhere. And was fueling my cycle of self-limiting beliefs.

So here's what I heard during my meditation...
Resistance is simply a moment in time when a new reality meets your pre-existing notion of reality.

Being confronted with different views, new ways of thinking, and even new ways of being in your body are opportunities for growth. You can take 'em or leave 'em. But give yourself the respect of honest consideration. Resist (yes, the irony is not lost on me)...but resist the urge to push or pull. Stand where you are. But soften. Remain open to the idea that maybe...just maybe, both realities can be true and exist at the same time.

One of my favorite books that illustrates this point is How Yoga Works. It's a simple and quick read, almost adolescent in it's cadence. But so lovely.