What Happened to 2015?

It's official, we've either gracefully or rather clumsily transitioned into a new year. Either way, I'm glad you are here. Welcome to 2016!

Today, many folks are looking in the rear view mirror trying to determine whether or not it was a "good" year. Honestly, I believe that any year that I've been gifted with 365 days to wake up and do the damn thing...was a good year. 

Let me just say, for those of you who are newer to our readership, I don't believe in resolutions. I don't see the wellness in focusing on all of the things that "went wrong" or weren't accomplished. That's like throwing a dart at yourself. And then realizing that $h!t hurts. So then resolving to make sweeping topical changes rather than addressing the underlying cracks in the foundation. That's a second dart. I can't get behind that. I believe in wellness. I believe in your wellness, your peace, your joy, and your every day victories.

I was recently reminded that 'the little things' are the only difference between 'just surviving' and 'actually succeeding'. The little things that most people will let slide because they are so seemingly insignificant that it won't matter if you skip it...those things are the ones that actually matter. Those things are the ones that keep you on task, in a space of happiness, balanced, and well.

Examples. Attending to your practice every day (whether it's meditation, running, yoga, hiking, etc)...even just 10 minutes is more healthful than skipping it. Reading a thought provoking book...even if you can only get in 10 pages each day. Scheduled time to unplug from technology on purpose rather than circumstantially...every day. Saving a bit of cash from every bit of income whether it's 5 cents or $50. Starting to get the picture? The little things add up. If you decided to take the money that you spend on your morning coffee/pastry and instead put that amount in a jar every day, for 365 days...on average most folks would save $1825. This is how you create abundance in your life. Mindfully choosing to attend to the little things...every single day.

With that in mind, here's what I see when I look back on 2015:
270 hugs given to welcome new friends at Bija
608 hugs welcoming returning friends
4380 minutes spent in personal meditation
168 hours enjoying tea with friends
987 truly nourishing home cooked meals shared with my husband
1460 kisses placed on my daughter's foreheads
3520 dollars donated to support The Bija Foundation

Can those numbers grow? Yes. Absolutely...one day at a time.

The real point is that those are some of the little things that made it possible for me to wade through the challenges of building the yurt on the property, to keep my head up while falling short, and to muddle through new territory and logistics for hosting a range of incredible retreat leaders during our first year of operation.

My deepest gratitude to each guest and each inscape partner of 2015...Elyse Callahan, Tabitha Rose, Lauren Durso, Kristin Lewis, Michelle Millet, Chelven Randolph, Lizzie Muse, Jean Fox, Jane Mooney, Rosie Warburton, Joseph Carringer, and Rolf Gates. 

So what are the little things that you often let slide? Eating an actual breakfast before leaving your home, the 5 minutes of exercises that your PT gave you, taking a recommended vitamin, folding your clothes and putting them away, filing and/or dumping mail as it comes in the door, repeating a mantra, etc. Starting today, each morning that you wake, can you commit to attending to one little thing? Remember sharing is inspiring. Be sure to visit either leave a comment below or visit our Facebook page and leave a comment to let me know about your littlest victories.