I was Teetering on Yoga

I spent most of July re-evaluting my "MO". And no, I'm not referring to some new texting lingo for shortening the word 'moment'. Let's take it back. Okay...way back, I'm referring to the Latin phrase 'modus operandi' or in English 'mode of operation'...the way in which something is normally done.

In July, I suddenly found myself with a great deal more free time in my schedule. Crazy right? Who has that? But, I did; and when I looked around I realized that while my schedule had been filled to the gills, all around me where lingering and waning relationships, unfinished books, and a number of formerly good habits that needed polishing off. The effects of neglecting my 'outer-verse' were beginning to take up residence. But, where to start? Back to the basics...at the beginning, of course.

I pulled out my mat and practiced for two hours. (Don't think for a minute that my life was brought into balance and all wrapped up tidy after a two hour practice like some docudrama on LifeTime. This was just me, choosing to download the app and agreeing to the work required for the upgrade.) Anyhoo, I sweat and I cried until I began to smile from the inside out and then I sat. I sat down to listen to the Universe, my Inner-verse (insert your word here...God, Goddess, Allah, Buddha, Higher Self, the Great Hampster, etc). The point is to give yourself time to become reacquainted with what you already know to be true, but may have forgotten for whatever reason. In other words, tune in. Then the real work begins. 

Here's what I heard. In all my 'efforting', I was shifting but I had not shifted my support system along with me. Oh, don't get me wrong...my support system was hanging in there. I wouldn't accomplish a quarter of the stuff I do with out it. But, I had not been tending to it. Do you see the difference? There were people in my life who deserved way more attention and other relationships that required proper closure. My habit of seasonal fasting had fallen to the way side and needed to be picked back up (I had the stomach aches to prove it). And osmosis was not going to help me garner the lessons to be learned from this stack of books on the floor next to my bed. My point? There are people, practices, and joys that nourish you. Tend to them. 

Maybe it's turning 41, but I'm grateful that this time...I didn't need to fall all the way down to get back up. This time the teeter was just enough.

So in these delicious days of summer's end, take notice. Are you teetering? Are there some forgotten joys that you can bring back to the forefront of your life's playground?