Shift Happens

I'm a yogi...and yogis are always happy, always eat well, practice twice daily, and never, not ever, get stressed. Yeah, right.

Last month was an overwhelming month in so many ways. I was over committed as well as over joyed. I was planning for and celebrating some wonderful milestones with my family. Anniversaries, birthdays and holding my first retreat at the Bija Institute in Rhode Island.

All of this planning, though, pulled me out of my rhythm...I was staying up late and waking up early; I was eating while driving; I even earned myself a traffic violation ticket. In the end, everything else came together beautifully. I, on the other hand, needed to head to my doctor because "something just wasn't right".

She looked at me and said, "It's stress. You need to go out and have some fun. Get back home, prepare a nice meal, enjoy a glass of wine and get some sleep."

We all have moments in our Book of Life that have or will shift us out of balance. The yoga teachings are there for these moments. The first lesson is to notice that you've shifted. And the second is to not beat yourself up about it. Then you do the work to shift back. That is Yoga.