Have You Lost Your Mind?

Don't worry...we all have.

I often marvel at that acrobatics that my Mind will go through to maintain a strong hold on my Being. In the morning, it will rehearse exactly how a conversation is going to go...including what the other person will say. Come the afternoon, it will have revisited that same conversation, linked it to some awful experience from my college days and rewritten how that conversation "should" have gone or worse...how it actually went! By nightfall, my Mind will have filled my Being with so many stories that all I will be able to conclude is...I was wrong. Truly a terrible way to conclude one's day. But I'm guessing that it's not uncommon.

Being Mindful, completely present, is a life long practice. This month we are going to explore some tools to help us along. Rather than tell your mind to "just be quiet" (although that's where we are headed); that is easier said than done. Instead we are going to start by giving your Mind something else to do. Something very specific.

Try this. Look at your right hand. Turn your palm up so that it's open toward the sky. Inhale. Exhale. Spread your fingers wide and notice the lines on your hand. Notice the space between your fingers. Inhale. Pull your fingers in for a tight fist. Exhale. Open your hand really wide. Inhale and one more time, close it tight and exhale. Release your grip. Did you notice your Mind? Did it try to run through your list of errands? Were you able to keep it focused on just the task at hand?

The tools to becoming a master of your mind are right at your fingertips. Rather than let your Mind run wild, captivate your mind. With each breath, direct your attention to one very specific space, place, or object.