The Habit is Holding On...

The practice is letting go.

I have to admit that I was having a tough time deciding what to share with you this month. I was so hung up on 'wanting my routine back' that I almost missed the learning opportunity.

February, the shortest month of the year, felt long...really, really long to most of us here in the Northeast. Throughout the month, I vacillated between "the icicles are magical" to "if I could shoot a snowflake in the face I would". And I'm not one for that's just a reminder of how environment can shift a person's perceptions of reality.

Anyhoo, after basking in a few almost 40 degree warm days filled with sunshine, I was able to see February as a month of practice living outside of my comfort zone. I was without my routine...without the grounding of my previous experiences that inform me of how things are "supposed" to be. In yoga there's a name for the impressions in our mind that we base our expectations on...we call it sanskara. Simplified for brevity sake, we can call them habits. 

Our habits can be either healthful or not healthful, but the real problem is when we start to believe that we can't function without them. This spring consider switching up your routine a bit. Run a different route, put your bag on the other shoulder, try a different flavor of ice cream and then notice how strange and unfamiliar the experience is. But then wait for the finish and notice how beautiful the journey was without your expectations. This is the definition of freedom. Find yours.