Are You Connected?

February is that funny month that seems to carry a number of "holidays"; as if that's going to distract us from the bitter chill of winter. One of those days, happens to be Valentine's Day.

I'm not a huge fan. Don't get me wrong. I love small and thoughtful gestures. And I am not above bringing you some chocolate to enjoy after yoga class. But I believe that small and thoughtful gestures should be doled out often. Random acts of kindness.

That said, I'd like to you close your eyes and consider your connections for a moment. Oh wait...keep them open and finish reading this first. Then close your eyes.

Now as you consider your connections, set aside whether or not you've got an iPhone 6 or 6s; whether you are Mac or PC; or whether or not your internet connection is only "half fast". Consider your connections with the person who plows the highways during a snow storm. Consider the person who packed up your last Amazon shipment. Consider the beautiful soul who grew the veggies you eat.

These connections are so very important...these are the people who fuel your life. I'm going to write that again...these are the people who fuel your life. It's not uncommon to get caught up in how the world may or may not be treating us in any given moment. But this February, I encourage you to consider how you are treating and managing your Universal Connections. How is your gratitude barometer? Are you truly connected? 

Maybe this year, for Valentine's Day, leave a note for your mail carrier or hand one to the person who makes your coffee at the drive-thru or slide one to the person who bags your groceries.

Today is now. And now is the perfect time to spread true LOVE.