Balance is Uncomfortable aka The Danish Experience

"So this is what it feels like to 'be' in balance," I remarked; primarily speaking to myself, during the drive to take my daughters to school one morning. I got the usual, "what?" from my peanut gallery. So I proceeded to point out what I was noticing.

That morning, the sky was remarkably devoid of color and life while the trees were a living mosaic of golds, reds, oranges, and pinks. When I opened the window there seemed to a pure silence everywhere. When I closed the window, the roar of the car was intense...but you could still "see and feel" the silence around us. I went on to point out a few other 'balances' and then we continued our drive in silence. I was steady and at ease.

Eventually, I pulled into the drop off area at school and parked. As my oldest prepared to get out of the car, she paused as said, "awkward.", with the drawl that only a preteen can truly pull off. My littlest one leaned forward from the backseat and said, "balance is a little uncomfortable."

I sat with this on the drive home. Balance is uncomfortable.

Words like nothingness, and everything-ness rolled through my mind. But the best word would have been "whelming"; if there were such a word to describe how balance 'felt' on this particular morning.  

I made a detour into WholeFoods. I chose a cream cheese danish...yes, the kind with the giant sugar crystals on top and then I ordered a small coconut milk fig latte (full disclosure, I anticipated that the fig latte would be sweet). Somehow, let's say it's because I was living in this vortex of latte was not sweet. In fact, the espresso ran so dark and deep that I barely detected the coconut milk. It wasn't what I had hoped for, but certainly brought balance to my danish experience. I thought...this is it...I've glimpsed enlightenment...why didn't I take the blue pill? lol. Then it really hit me...we are accustomed to the extremes! 

So if balance is so uncomfortable...why do we want to be in it?

Here's my theory. Balance is your natural state of being. And no matter how many twists, backbends, or crooked folds you do on the mat or in life that shake you off your true path...your mind, body, and spirit will continue to steer you back toward balance. It's natural.

This month, stop fighting with your Self and your natural state of being. When you are tired, rest. When you are hungry, nourish yourself. When you are angry, say so. Now that everything that we take inside our Selves (from foods, to messages from media/friends/family, to our own feelings) has an equal effect on our external experiences. So instead of trying to get "it right"...stop it. Surrender. Take more notice of what you're holding "inside" and notice how the Universe balances it for you "outside".