Winners are Losers...

This entire month has been a reminder of this very idea. I have been mulling around phrasing to share this concept with you this month and nothing had been quite right. Until this morning, I heard these very words on a friend's video share on Facebook. "Winners are the losers who got back up."

Here's an example. My oldest daughter joined the soccer team at school this year. It was her first time ever on a team. It was her first time ever playing soccer. Her team has lost every single game. I'm talking crushingly painful to watch. So as a parent, I'm thinking to myself...she must be feeling awful. But each game, she has gotten in the car and bubbled on about how much better they are all getting. After this last game, having lost 6-0, she hops in the car and says, "That's it! I'm definitely doing soccer again next year! I love being with my team and I know that next year, we are gonna least one game."

Somehow, loss after loss, she was still able to focus on the positive aspects of the situation. She found a reason to pick her self back up. She chose to be a winner.

We have each experienced loses — whether in the form of loved ones, mental or physical faculties, financial stability, or a keepsake. No matter how you slice it, loss sucks. But, each loss is unique....a first in your book of life. Like my daughter's experience with soccer...she had never failed at soccer before. But she has determined that the fail is worth the picture she sees of herself winning eventually.

You've never been in this moment before and you'll never be in it again. So, the question is...who is defining your take away from the experience? Who has the power to tell you that you can't get back up? Who holds the key to the memories that will shape you?

What can you do this month, to take the stand of a Winner? Join me, on your mat or in your day to day, in a practice of being the Warrior. You are tracking...your Self. Be full of compassion, patience, and believe in your right to define your worth. Be the loser, that gets back up.