Let it Grow?

One of the most over used phrases you might hear in a yoga setting is "let it go." And I'm not saying this isn't an important concept to learn. But I've been practicing Yoga for over 20 years and when I'm struggling with something (translation: desperately holding on to something) I can easily become frustrated by the mechanics of letting go. How do I let go? I mean...I wouldn't be holding on if it weren't important, right? And when did I shift from applying myself, working to accomplish a particular goal, to "holding on" anyway? Fair questions. And the simple truth is that there is no simple answer. So this season, I've adopted a new mantra for myself. Let it grow. Growth is something I can get behind.
*    *    *    *    *
This is the time of year, when parents are sending their children back to school and folks begin to pull their beach chairs in and roll up their beach towels. For many this is a bummer of a transition. It can feel like a loss and sometimes we want nothing more than to hold on to the moment, our children, our flip flops, and sweet fruit options for just one more day.

For me, this year, as I watched my girls head into their new school...I thought to myself, "Let them grow." I will always be their roots and my job now is to remind them that I am here...holding them up, urging them to the surface; but how they choose to reach and stretch through this fertile earth is entirely up to them. As with any planting, project or idea...if you hoard it, hide it, keep it in a pot that's too small, over feed it, shield it too long from the light...it will suffer.

Instead, trust in the love and energy that you have put into your project (for lack of a more eloquent all encompassing word). Know that you have done enough. 

Step back. 
Give your efforts time to have an impact.

Let it grow.