Sweet Substitute

One of the very human things that we do is fall in love. To be more accurate, I think that we fall in love with the connections that we have with others. But sometimes we lose sight of the bigger connection. For this, Yoga teaches us to practice vairagya (non-attachment or detachment).  

I know; that sounds...well, wrong. But consider this scenario...  

You've driven like a mad person to get to your yoga class on time. You dash in to the studio. Skipping the eye contact and the hellos, you toss your name into the air to complete your check-in. And brushing past a few lingering people, you're able to slide into your "regular" spot in the corner of the studio just before the instructor walks in. You look up. And your heart sinks. It's a substitute.  

Tell the truth...you have lived this moment before. Now step back...detach yourself from the "reasons" why and look at the situation as if you are watching someone else's life. It's all mush, isn't it?  

Yoga is about making space, taking time, and enjoying each beautiful moment as it comes. Yoga is about connections — old and new. Yoga is about setting aside expectations and taking in each moment as it comes.  

If we are to practice detachment, then we would value each connection and each moment, equally...never diminished by the last. We couldn't imagine breezing past another individual without acknowledgement. We would find that we were neither glad nor saddened by the presence of a different instructor. At best, we might be intrigued by what the moment has brought. Detachment helps us to live in the moment — unaffected by the past and not hindered with speculation about the future. So the next time you find yourself, rushing to class or contemplating leaving because it's a sub. Practice detachment.  

"Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get." - Forrest Gump  

In the meantime, I hope that you'll settle in for a moment of pure chocolate bliss. Enjoy this wonderful substitute for store bought hot fudge.

 Fudging Good Hot Fudge

1 cup of sugar (organic, unbleached)

3 tbs of cocoa powder (I prefer the fresh ground Valrhona chocolate)

1/4 cup of cornstarch

1/4 teaspoon salt

1 cup of hot water (I just zap it in the microwave)

3 tablespoons butter

2 teaspoons vanilla  

Mix sugar, cocoa powder, cornstarch, and salt with a very small whisk in a sauce pan on medium-high heat. The whisk will help to break up the cornstarch better than a spoon.  

Stir in the hot water and cook until thickens (boils about 3 minutes). Immediately remove from heat.  

Add butter and vanilla. Stir until combined. Serve on top of your favorite ice cream or cheese cake. Fudge can be stored in refrigerator for later.