What's the Message Here?

This month I am bowing down to how incredibly dedicated you are to finding peace in the midst of your day to day lives. Namaste.

Last week, I was standing in the grocery store at the check out and noticed a magazine. I'll be honest, there are so many "last minute" options at checkout that I never even look anymore. But this magazine was placed right on the small counter where you swipe your card...so it was really hard to ignore.

It was a magazine suggesting that I start preparing for the winter holidays now. Mind you, it was still September at the time and I was still trying to enjoy the foliage. The idea that I would fast forward to the middle of winter was disturbing. But I digress. This magazine suggested that I'd never be able to make the perfect cake without their recipe! That my children would be disappointed if I didn't prepare these popcorn balls! That I would personally have failed Christmas if I didn't set my table as suggested on pg 23! There were 300 more ideas I needed to sort through. And, most importantly....time was running out!

My goddess! In the face of all of these conflicting messages about what you "need" and what you "should" be doing, reading, watching, saying, eating, drinking, and listening to...it's a real challenge to find your truth. To hear the sound of your own voice. 

Go ahead, take a look at the flyers, the postcards, the billboards, and the magazines. Give a really good listen to the ads on the radio and television. They are suggesting that you need longer hair, shorter hair, no hair, and curlier hair. They are suggesting that you can be beautiful at 65; but only if you look like you're 25 by using this cream and getting that injection. And my personal favorite...they are suggesting that you need triple the protein and half the fat; but super size it so that you get more for less. Step back and take a good look. What do you see? What do you hear? Because, with or without, you are okay.

Your gray hairs are a mark of wisdom gained; your not-so-green grass is a sign that you've chosen to conserve water; your old jeans fit you like an old friend and don't let anyone tell you otherwise...8 oz of coffee tastes just as good as 20oz. You've got this. You don't need 300 ideas...you only need one. Yours.

So this month, we are going to celebrate your song, raise your vibration, and reconnect with your voice. We are tapping into our Throat Chakra...so hold on tight...there may be a bit of chanting in the future.