The journey through Thirteen Moons was designed by Erica Nunnally to envelope you in a rich tapestry and framework of self study to advance your mindful living skills and practices. Lessons such as yoga, shamanism, reiki, etc were traditionally passed from teacher to student, one student at a time. Erica created these journeys to bridge the gap between the lost intimacy of one-to-one transference and the practicality and camaraderie of group work. These journeys are explored one-on-one within a group dynamic. This is long term nourishment for those who are ready.

Let me be clear. This is not another training course — you’ve already done those. This is a bespoke healing and collaborative mentoring path that empowers you to undertake an incredible journey to resolve lifetimes of fear based choices and reconnect to the full magnitude of your healing, creative and intuitive gifts.

What are the Journeys and Where will they take me?

There are two Journeys: 

Year One, the Way of the Yogi, a journey of Self Awareness, and

Year Two, the Way of the Healer, a journey of Self Acceptance and Activation.

Each journey is a once-monthly online journey for women who are ready to walk back into their truest self and live intentionally — embracing their whole Self in wellness. Each month is an invitation to explore different wellness-based and self-healing practices to take as personal Medicine.

Although many students begin with the Year of the Yogi as their "first year". These journeys are unique and stand alone. You do not need to take one and then the other and you don't even need to take both.

Which one is right for me?

Year One focuses on the deeper lessons of Yoga. Great for yoga teachers, yoga students, and women who recognize that a framework for wellness is what they need right now.

Way of the Yogi provides an opportunity to explore various types of breathe work, meditation, asana and philosophy that might not be addressed during a regular group yoga class. It lays the groundwork for 'yoga as healing'. This ground work is thread together with theme of "bringing your Yoga into your day to day" — explore ways to incorporate Yoga techniques into your everyday life so that you can carry your yoga bliss with you, even off your mat. It's truly a journey of Self-Awareness in that we look more closely at the chatter in our head that prevents us from embracing our Truth and dims our Light.

Year Two leans more heavily on shamanic and earth-based practices such as 'journey work' to connect with spirit for self-healing. If you fall anywhere on the spectrum of "questioning to fully owning your ability to heal yourself" this journey is for you. If you have completed Year of the Yogi, often this journey is explored as "second year".

Healer's house many gifts within themselves; intuition, reiki, herbal wild crafting, various connections to spirit, animals, plants, crystals, angels, and energy. The Way of the Healer is designed to help you organize your gifts...whether you use these gifts for yourself or to support others. The Way of the Healer introduces the trees of the sacred grove to support your health and well-being. During the year, your journey will guide you to heal the Goddess archetypes that make up your personal Divine Feminine. This journey invites you to delve into your energetic make-up. It sets you up well to balance and heal your whole self...teaching you to own and carry your Power.



What Journey Women are Saying

I needed mentorship and I got it!

"I've been teaching yoga and wellness for five years. But, I hadn't figured out how to turn my passion into a sustainable resource financially. Erica has been there. She just gets it. I'm finally doing the work to get to where I need to be." - Linda

Deceptively simple! Transformative!

"The way the journey unfolds is remarkable! It's a subtle journey where things just creep up on you and then making the choice to change unhealthy ways of being seems like the natural thing to do. Instead of that feeling that says 'how can I do this' or 'how can I fit this in'? You simply do." - Danielle

A Note from Erica:

It is important to understand that my role is to hold space as you move through your own healing and transformation processes. If you choose to share your insights, discoveries, roadblocks, and successes with me, I will always keep our discussions in the strictest of confidence. I am not a therapist and can not and will not stand in the stead of a good therapist or psychologist. I am not a physician and can not and will not stand in the stead of a good physician. I am a yogi, reiki master teacher, and a guide in the Way of finding your Truth. I can and will offer my advice, points of clarity, perspective and support in my role as a Way Finder.

Each women-identified student who joins the Journey through Thirteen Moons is treated with respect, met exactly where they are in their lives, without judgment, without shame, and without fear.

One love.


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